Change Your Vision – Change Your Life

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Change Your Vision...By Staci J. Shelton


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Peace Begins Within…

"Hearts for Peace": International Day of Peace Movie

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Peace Begins Within…

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Enjoying The Facebook Interface!


What a wonderful tool…I absolutely LOVE facebook and all of the wonderful functionality. This is just one of the fabulous applications….I’m actually updating my blog within Facebook, using BLOGIT.

Blog it allows you to update ALL of your blogs simultaneously and/or pick and choose which blogs you’d like to update! It adds to productivity and makes it easy for me to hit all of my communication tools at once.

Check it out…it’s definitely worth adding!



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How To Get To Happy

We all want to be happy.  All of us. Everyone.  All the time. 

If you’re not certain, check out all of the commercials, billboards and other advertising you see.  Everything is designed to invoke a response…happiness.  Buy our clothing and you’ll be like these people – Happy!  Drive this car and you’ll be like this person – Happy!  Eat this cereal and you’ll look just like this person – Happy! (and thin…) 🙂

So we go out in search of happy.  Seeking experiences, jobs, and relationships with people all so we can feel better.  The problem with money, experiences and people is that the newness wears off.  We get the new job and we’re excited.  Or we go on the trip.  We get to know the people and suddenly, it’s not so exciting, happy or fun any more.  But we’re determined, so we go out in search of even newer experiences, better paying jobs with a bigger title or a new relationship – surely these will make us happy.

There’s one secret to being happy…are you ready? Here is is…DECIDE and just BE happy! It goes against our sensibilities.  We are a society of DOERS, not BE-ers.  We’re conditioned very early on to seek things outside of ourselves to gain fufillment. But the truth is everything begins within.  Every experience, idea and great accomplishment began as a seed in someone’s imagination.  Our lives begin to change when we make a decision to view things from a differrent perspective. 

Once the decision is made, things miraculously fall into place.  Try it.  Decide to be happy.  Focus on those things which bring you joy.  Incorporate things you love to do into your day.  Refuse to complain or focus on the negative.  See how your day transforms and what things show up in your life that give you even more to be happy about!

There are lots of resources, books, workshops to help you.  Here are a few:

EVOLVE Consuliting – Located in Ohio, life coaching and design.  Home of Dreamscaping Workshps to and personalized  coaching to help you live your dream life.  They also have a bookstore of resources that they love:  EVOLVE Consulting Bookstore

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Practical Intention – Hitting Your Target

Practical Intention is a way to Dreamscape (TM) your day and take control of your life. 

Ancient wisdom says we have not because we ask not.  How true is it that we don’t often think of our intended outcome before some undertaking?  Better yet, how many of us meander through our days, weeks and years, never hitting “the target” or hitting it by sheer luck?  And so it is with our daily life. 

Take a little time before your next meeting, interaction, trip, and ask yourself, “What is the outcome I desire for this action?”; “What do I want to be, do, have, or experience?”. 

Meditate for a few minutes on what the perfect outcome for you would be.  Visualize and plan your day around your intended outcome, then ask for guidance.  Are there actions you can take? Are you inspired to call someone, do something, create something?  Listen to that inner voice, take action and follow that guidance to a wonderful day!

Know that The Universe conspires with you… 🙂

Namaste…let me know what you create…talk to you next week!!

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A Shift In Belief

Recently while preparing for one of my upcoming Dreamscaping™ workshops, an epiphany struck me. 


I’ve been manifesting for a while, now, (we all have, all our lives, actually) sometimes manifesting some pretty wonderful things, and sometimes, even recently some not so wonderful.  Some of the questions I often get asked are: how do you stay positive; and how do you start to manifest good consistently?  I’ve often asked those questions in the midst of some things that showed up in my life that I clearly did not want or enjoy.  The glib responses I’ve received included “just think happy thoughts”, “be positive” and “shift your focus”.


And those things work…temporarily.  What has created sustaining change in my life, however, was not a shift of focus, but, instead a shift of BELIEF.  What I’ve managed to create in my life that was beautiful, breathtaking and buoyant came about because of what I have come to believe.


I can teach methods and take someone through the steps of the goal setting, and it will work.  Time has taught me however, that a change in behavior alone never lasts.  It wasn’t until I challenged my beliefs about myself, what I deserve to experience and Life Itself, that I started experiencing some real joy in my life. I had problems accepting good and feeling like I deserved it.  I had also been taught to believe in a Deity that was separate from me really and who didn’t like humanity all that much. 


So what do I now believe?  My A few simple things:


  God (Life) is Good, loving and wonderful (and loves humanity…ALL of humanity)

  Life is not the source of everything; Life IS everything, experientially

  Life Is Everywhere, at once, and in all things 

  Because Life is everything, everywhere, and in everyone, we are never without all that we need. We may not be aligning myself properly to receive it any given moment, but that’s a post for another day.  J

  I am a piece of Life, which is a wonderful thing!


My daily affirmation to keep me pointed toward these truths is: 


I am at all times supported, surrounded and saturated by all that God is


It’s been a magical ride, to the extent that I really breathe in and bring myself to the awareness of that truth. My process of asking for what I desire is different now.  I see Life now not as the source of abundance; life in various forms of abundance surrounds me.  This is not to say that I will receive everything I want, but I acknowledge that I am always surrounded by all that life is, and things flow in my life.  I still hit a few bumps in the road now and then, but it’s been a much smoother ride overall. 


If you like to read a great book on shifting your views of life, a great book is Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth.   


Life is good…talk to you next week! 

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